Below are some compositions and songs which represent Ben’s artistic sensibilities. These pieces are intended as an introduction to what he loves creating.


Paley Jones


Another Big Day

Commercials and Other


Originally, this piece was a demo for an ABC drama. While the show never made it, this track has found a happy life since then as underscore for many car commercials. I love unexpected second lives.



One of the more unexpected pleasures I’ve had in recent years is creating music for NFL Films. Here’s some music to imagine yourself getting smashed by a 6’4″, 300 lb human missile on any given Sunday.

NFL-Films (1)


Music for a Lifesavers commercial. They wanted dreamy and warm. I’ve always liked the feel of this piece (and, of course, the taste of Lifesavers).

Lifesavers (1)


A nice burst of winter energy. This track has been featured in a number of commercials and radio spots.



I love those times when a track comes together seemingly effortlessly. This track was one of those times. And it certainly helps tremendously when a guitarist like Chris Bruce is able to lend his talents.



McDonald’s will always have a special place in my heart– not because of the fish filet (though that craving does hit occasionally)– but because it was the first commercial I ever scored. Here’s a playful, quirky vibe to accompany a Happy Meal.



A US commercial for a Dutch beer. I wanted it playful and fun– you know, music to drink by!



Originally written for a Honda campaign (Happy Hondadays), this somewhat over-the-top piece of winter wonderland fluff reminds me of what it’s like to feel warm while there are three feet of snow outside. And I need that reminder, cause we don’t get much of that here in Los Angeles.


Bonus Videos

Off the Map – The Bridge Session

Composing each week for ABC’s “Off the Map” was incredibly rewarding, particularly because Ben was given the opportunity to record with an orchestra.

Many of our sessions, including this one, were at a beautiful, new facility called The Bridge Recording. (Other sessions were at Warner Brothers’ Eastwood Scoring Stage.) This was an amazing experience, for which he is extremely grateful.

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We Live in Public – Trailer

Ondi Timoner’s film is an unsettling story of an internet pioneer and the unknown dangers that lurk within the mesmerizing power of the internet and social media in general.

The score to “We Live in Public” was a collaboration between Ben and Marco d’Ambrosio. (So often a solitary pursuit, composing within a team situation is something he welcomes.) They had a ball working together.

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Off the Map – Warner Brothers Session

In the sequence that was recorded here, a young girl was having her leg amputated—while her lung was collapsing underwater. Hence the beautifully tragic feel!

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