Composing each week for ABC’s OFF THE MAP was incredibly rewarding, particularly because I was given the opportunity to record with an orchestra.
Many of our sessions, including this one, were at a beautiful, new facility called The Bridge Recording. (Other sessions were at Warner Brothers’ Eastwood Scoring Stage.) This was an amazing experience for which I am extremely grateful.

We Live in Public – Trailer

Ondi Timoner’s film is an unsettling story of an internet pioneer and the unknown dangers that lurk within the mesmerizing power of the internet and social media in general.

The score to “We Live in Public” was a collaboration between myself and Marco d’Ambrosio. (So often a solitary pursuit, composing within a team situation is something I welcome.) We had a ball working together.

Off the Map – Warner Brothers Session

In the sequence we’re recording here, a young girl is having her leg amputated– while her lung is collapsing underwater. Hence… the beautifully tragic feel!

Operation Homecoming – Trailer

Richard Robbins’ Oscar-nominated documentary, Operation Homecoming, was a moving experience in every way.
We see war’s devastating affect on the men and women who serve our country.  Musically, it was like scoring multiple short films that still had to work together as a single, coherent piece. I was awarded an Emmy for this score.


While many segments of Operation Homecoming delve into the depths of fear and emotionality wrought from war, this portion explores some soldiers’ amped up feelings that arise from the instinct for survival.

In this piece, I try to capture that adrenaline rush and the underlying ambivalent feelings held by the soldiers. They know blowing up innocent civilians is wrong, but here they are in battle… so, better to kill before they themselves are killed.

Off The Map – Ryan Quits

Towards the end of the OFF THE MAP season, one of our heroines, Ryan, decides to face her own medical reality– she’s gonna die. With that unpleasant possibility in front of her, she decides to quit her jungle medical practice. Here she is, confiding in her troubled lover.

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