Another Big Day – Goin’ to Grandma’s

One of the biggest pleasures I’ve had was working with Dave Nachmanoff on our children’s CD collaboration, Another Big Day.  This track features the legendary Steve Madaio on trumpet and Herb Pederson on banjo. Jeff Russo plays drums and that’s Dave singing. Enjoy this joyful romp!

emalazarus – lost

The first track from my “emalazarus” collaboration with Christian Bordal. This track always gets my mind wandering into life’s big questions and away from the day to day. Jeff Russo is on bass, and Jackie Sloan joins on vocals.

Another Big Day – Sometimes I Prefer to be Alone

Inspired by my daughter, this song tells about those times when we all need a little space. I hope to see this song as a children’s book one day. We’ll see.

emalazarus – try (feeling old)

Following the release of our “6 songs” EP, we thought we’d outdo ourselves with “7 songs.” This collection of songs contains more music for those long winding drives in the urban landscape.

Paley Jones – Pretty Face

Another track from my collaboration with Jackie Sloan, as “Paley Jones.” This is music for one of those difficult days– hard to get out of bed, hard to know what you’re doing. The proverbial clouds before the sunshine breaks through.

Paley Jones – Cry

A beautifully biting song about that rare (hopefully!) phenomenon when those close to us can really let us down. We recorded this album right after the birth of our first child. And it was a magical time indeed– even if not everyone was on their best behavior…

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