Love & Labor

So who knew creating a website would be such a labor of love?! (Well, likely anyone else who’s ever put together a site knows precisely what I am dealing with– lots and lots of variables and lots and lots of knowledge gaps!) I am finding the whole process very entertaining and surprisingly invigorating. It has taken me a while to get cracking on this, but my site is coming together. Lots of time, lots of help (thanks Harry!) and lots of fun. Happy First Night of Chanukah!


That post-Thanksgiving, pre-Chanukah & Christmas time in Los Angeles is beautifully mellow. Everything slows down quite a bit. Of course, that can also make life a bit scary. Knowing what projects lie in the imminent future remains a good feeling… But, I try to remember that each day is a gift (boy, did I really just write that?! might be time to dial down the sudden burst of New Age feeling).

Just getting started…

SO… here I am, finally jumping into the personal website phenomenon.  I can no longer deflect the question of “where can I hear your music?”  Shortly (as in, as soon as I figure out a smooth way to post some music!) the answer to the question of “where” my music can be easily heard will be… HERE!

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