While I have occasionally wished that I only wrote one type of music (e.g. tv music), the fact is that my journey has been very wide ranging. This was not necessarily my original intent; rather, it simply reflects the opportunities that have come my way. For example, I’ve been asked why I’ve scored so many documentaries. Simple. Because I was asked. Likewise with tv commercials. I didn’t go looking for those jobs. Instead, I was asked if I would take a crack at various spots. My answer — sure! And so it goes. As an independent, freelance composer, this flexibility and diversity has been a saving grace.

Hello January

BY all appearances, January seems to have rolled around once again. The speed with which the years change is somewhat alarming. Man. Slow down! I read a piece in the LA Times last week about John Williams. He’s 80 (or approaching that ripe age) and mentioned that he just kept writing, and working and… boom! Suddenly he’s a man of 80. I get it. I can totally see how that happens. And that’s just the way it is. So here’s to a(nother) New Year’s Resolution– I’ll try to enjoy each day. It’s all finite.


Yes, it’s becoming quite clear that developing this website shall be a never ending process. It begins, it morphs and constantly evolves. Fortunately, I am having a ball working on this site.

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