Tragic Drama – 3 cellos

Operation Homecoming No Border


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There are times when neither words nor music can suffice for what is seen on screen. In this scene from Operation Homecoming, a yearbook style montage of dead soldiers scrolls past our eyes. Cellist Matt Cooker performed the haunting cello parts. For this score, I received an Emmy.


Fabric Stained Red orange FX


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Perhaps the most requested music type is “tension.” Squabbling housewives? Get the tension. Killer closing in? Tension. Time running out? Better get out the tension. So, without further ado, here is some tension for your listening pleasure. This particular piece was originally for an ABC drama pilot.

Paley Jones – Cry

Paley Jones

A beautifully biting song about that rare (hopefully!) phenomenon when those close to us can really let us down. We recorded this album right after the birth of our first child. And it was a magical time indeed– even if not everyone was on their best behavior…


Malibu Night

Yes, it’s becoming quite clear that developing this website shall be a never ending process. It begins, it morphs and constantly evolves. Fortunately, I am having a ball working on this site.

Love & Labor

NM forsythia

So who knew creating a website would be such a labor of love?! (Well, likely anyone else who’s ever put together a site knows precisely what I am dealing with– lots and lots of variables and lots and lots of knowledge gaps!) I am finding the whole process very entertaining and surprisingly invigorating. It has taken me a while to get cracking on this, but my site is coming together. Lots of time, lots of help (thanks Harry!) and lots of fun. Happy First Night of Chanukah!

Off The Map – Ryan Quits

OTM scoring session

Off The Map – Ryan Quits

Towards the end of the OFF THE MAP season, one of our heroines, Ryan, decides to face her own medical reality– she’s gonna die. With that unpleasant possibility in front of her, she decides to quit her jungle medical practice. Here she is, confiding in her troubled lover.


Colored MRI

That post-Thanksgiving, pre-Chanukah & Christmas time in Los Angeles is beautifully mellow. Everything slows down quite a bit. Of course, that can also make life a bit scary. Knowing what projects lie in the imminent future remains a good feeling… But, I try to remember that each day is a gift (boy, did I really just write that?! might be time to dial down the sudden burst of New Age feeling).

Dramatic Action – Orchestral

OTM Sepia


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In ABC’s 2011 drama OFF THE MAP, the above track (“Pray for Maria”) plays as our heroes come across a flock of young girls wearing communion dresses– and because it’s a drama and we are in the middle of the jungle– one of them is pinned under their van and fighting for her life. The rescue operation begins, sans anesthesia.  Ow.


*For a peak at us recording this piece, click on the “BONUS VIDEOS” link under MUSIC.

Holiday – Orchestral

crackling fire


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Originally written for a Honda campaign (Happy Hondadays), this somewhat over-the-top piece of winter wonderland fluff reminds me of what it’s like to feel warm while there are three feet of snow outside. And I need that reminder, cause we don’t get much of that here in Los Angeles.

Just getting started…

Ben's NM Bounce

SO… here I am, finally jumping into the personal website phenomenon.  I can no longer deflect the question of “where can I hear your music?”  Shortly (as in, as soon as I figure out a smooth way to post some music!) the answer to the question of “where” my music can be easily heard will be… HERE!

And the musical posts have begun!

It’s taken the better part of a cool Fall afternoon, but I’m starting to get the hang of this. The MUSIC page now contains the beginnings of an actual online musical repository. More– much more– to follow.

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