So here I am and here we are– 2012! I remember as a kid in high school thinking that the year 2000 seemed forever away (Prince’s “1999” was the waaay distant future). Would I have a wife? Kids? Where would I be living? So again… 2012. Incredible. As 2000 recedes ever more rapidly into the past, I figure it’s high time to get on with appreciating all the good and staying as far away from all that is bad– there’s just not enough time for it. So here’s to the New Year and focusing on happiness– with family, friends and work.



While I have occasionally wished that I only wrote one type of music (e.g. tv music), the fact is that my journey has been very wide ranging. This was not necessarily my original intent; rather, it simply reflects the opportunities that have come my way. For example, I’ve been asked why I’ve scored so many documentaries. Simple. Because I was asked. Likewise with tv commercials. I didn’t go looking for those jobs. Instead, I was asked if I would take a crack at various spots. My answer — sure! And so it goes. As an independent, freelance composer, this flexibility and diversity has been a saving grace.

Operation Homecoming – Distant Thunder



While many segments of Operation Homecoming delve into the depths of fear and emotionality wrought from war, this portion explores some soldiers’ amped up feelings that arise from the instinct for survival.

In this piece, I try to capture that adrenaline rush and the underlying ambivalent feelings held by the soldiers. They know blowing up innocent civilians is wrong, but here they are in battle… so, better to kill before they themselves are killed.





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Originally, this piece was a demo for an ABC drama. While the show never made it, this track has found a happy life since then as underscore for many car commercials. I love unexpected second lives.

Action – NFL

NFL Films


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One of the more unexpected pleasures I’ve had in recent years is creating music for NFL Films. Here’s some music to imagine yourself getting smashed by a 6’4″, 300 lb human missile on any given Sunday.




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Music for a Lifesavers commercial. They wanted dreamy and warm. I’ve always liked the feel of this piece (and, of course, the taste of Lifesavers).

Another Big Day – Goin’ to Grandma’s


One of the biggest pleasures I’ve had was working with Dave Nachmanoff on our children’s CD collaboration, Another Big Day.  This track features the legendary Steve Madaio on trumpet and Herb Pederson on banjo. Jeff Russo plays drums and that’s Dave singing. Enjoy this joyful romp!

emalazarus – lost

emalazarus 6 songs

The first track from my “emalazarus” collaboration with Christian Bordal. This track always gets my mind wandering into life’s big questions and away from the day to day. Jeff Russo is on bass, and Jackie Sloan joins on vocals.

Another Big Day – Sometimes I Prefer to be Alone


Inspired by my daughter, this song tells about those times when we all need a little space. I hope to see this song as a children’s book one day. We’ll see.

emalazarus – try (feeling old)

cloudy moon 4

Following the release of our “6 songs” EP, we thought we’d outdo ourselves with “7 songs.” This collection of songs contains more music for those long winding drives in the urban landscape.




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A nice burst of winter energy. This track has been featured in a number of commercials and radio spots.

Hello January

Moon Over Moreno 1

BY all appearances, January seems to have rolled around once again. The speed with which the years change is somewhat alarming. Man. Slow down! I read a piece in the LA Times last week about John Williams. He’s 80 (or approaching that ripe age) and mentioned that he just kept writing, and working and… boom! Suddenly he’s a man of 80. I get it. I can totally see how that happens. And that’s just the way it is. So here’s to a(nother) New Year’s Resolution– I’ll try to enjoy each day. It’s all finite.

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